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Mission Omega Coming March 1st.

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The first original release from CastleBuilders press will be coming March 1, 2020. The book, entitled Mission Omega, is the first of a series. The book is a YA action/adventure story about Shafer McCartney, a thrill-seeking boy who gets into some pretty sticky situations!

Here's the teaser:

Goran Blasnoff is a technological wizard. His studies in robotics are revolutionary and his company, Alpha Industries, constantly pushes the envelope of what should be possible.

Shafer McCartney is a thrill-seeking high schooler always looking for his next big adventure.

When Blasnoff invites Shafer and several other high schoolers to move into the Blasnoff Estate for a week as part of a mentorship program called Mission Omega, the opportunity is too exciting for Shafer to pass up.

But the longer Shafer is at the Blanoff Estate, the more questions begin to arise: why can’t the teenagers adventure outside past midnight? What are the shadowy creatures lurking in the trees? Why does Blasnoff’s newest robot seem a little too… human?

And, most of all, is Mission Omega the fun mentorship program it seems, or maybe something much, much darker?

We'll keep you posted as we get closer to the release. Stay tuned.

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