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Jesse Haynes's sixth novel, GIFTED, out Aug. 15th.

Gifted, the sixth novel from #1 Amazon Bestselling author Jesse Haynes, is set to release on August 15th, 2023.

"Gifted is kind of an anti-superhero story at its core," Haynes said. "Instead of a hero saving society from a great threat, it's about a boy with superpowers fighting against a corrupt society that wants him dead."

The novel is Haynes's first solo release in almost two years. It follows The Warrior Within, which was co-written by Haynes and Lance Pekus of NBC's American Ninja Warrior.

"While this is definitely more magical realism than I typically write, this is probably my favorite story I've ever told," Haynes said. "It's funny, in a way, because I drafted this book in 2017 and it's just now reaching the light. On the bright side, readers won't have to wait long for what's next -- all three books in this trilogy have been finished for several years."

Here's the synopsis:

Having superpowers might seem great, but not when everybody wants you dead because of it.

That’s the tough lesson Marx learns after discovering he is a Gifted, a rare type of super-powered that was nearly responsible for the extinction of humanity.

But Marx isn’t like the Gifted of old. He’s not a fighter. He just wants to get off the streets of the oppressive New Order and be left alone.

But slowly, Marx begins to change. He sees an opportunity to not only fight back against the corruption, but also uncover secrets of his mysterious past along the way.

The New Order thinks war is nearing its

end, but Marx knows otherwise: war has just begun

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