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Ready for School

Some Kids Love To Read.

Others... don't.

We wouldn't have it any other way.

There's no two-ways about it: some students simply do not enjoy reading. CastleBuilders Press recognizes this, respects this, and most importantly, wants to help change this. That's why our line-up of books are hand-selected to be page-turners that the most seasoned bookworm will enjoy and the reluctant reader will connect to.

Students can learn for our characters too: strong females changing the world, brave protagonist on perilous quests, and casts of unforgettable characters that seek to do good in the chaotic, dark world around them.

Each of our books teaches valuable life-skills and traits: leadership, bravery, acceptance, love, and many others. Teachers and librarians, if you're looking for your next big classroom hit, look no further than CastleBuilders Press!

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